Savvy home cooking for busy overachievers (Old)

Tired of gaining weight and spending too much on takeout and frozen meals? Learn cooking techniques and recipe templates to help you eat for energy, nourishment, and pleasure. So that you can spend your precious time on relationships, hobbies, and work!

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    Step 1: Ingredients 101

    Garlic Delight takes an ingredients-first approach to cooking. That’s why learning how to prep and substitute ingredients is critical to agile cooking.

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    Step 2: Techniques & Tutorials

    Learning essential techniques allows you to understand the “why” behind a recipe and how to modify it with the ingredients you have. Pick up the basics like how to stir fry and how to press tofu. Or join the ongoing discussion on complex, evolving issues like how to eat less meat without going vegetarian.

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    Step 3: Recipes!

    Now you understand ingredients and techniques, let’s start cooking! Our philosophy on recipes is to follow them like templates. They guide you with inspiration and offer substitution, freezing, and batch cooking tips. We don’t believe in rigid recipes so have fun with tweaking them to satisfy your taste buds.

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    Anna Rider, author of Garlic Delight

    About Anna & Alex

    Home cooks & Food experimenters

    Hi! I’m Anna, a food writer who documents kitchen experiments on with the help of my physicist and taste-testing husband, Alex. I have an insatiable appetite for noodles 🍜 and believe in “improv cooking”.

    Learn simple & easy cooking techniques for weekday dinners.

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    Here are the most popular topics that Garlic Delighters (Garlic Delight readers) are reading about.

    Tofu recipes

    Whether you’re keto, vegan, or simply want to eat less meat without becoming vegetarian, tofu is a great addition to your diet. Check out our favorite tofu recipes!

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    Ready in 5 minutes

    You can prepare a 5-minute dishes to accompany a main course. Or you can combine 2 to 4 5-minute dishes to make an entire dinner menu.

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    Batch cooking

    These are our favorite recipes for scaling up if you want to try batch cooking. I’m a believer in “mini” batch cooking which means making extra for leftovers and learning how to spruce up a dish so it tastes like a new recipe.

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    If you’re still salivating and want more articles and recipes, here are the most read posts on Garlic Delight.

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