About Garlic Delight

Kia Ora! We’re Alex and Anna.

We started Garlic Delight after gaining weight and spending too much money on takeout and frozen meals.

Traditional batch cooking and meal prepping advice were overwhelming. We gave up after a horrible bout of food poisoning. Luckily, we discovered that healthy, easy-to-make, time-saving, and delicious cooking is possible.

That’s why Garlic Delight exists: to share our ingredients-first approach to cooking and “cook once, eat three times” philosophy. If you’re a busy overachiever who believes you don’t have time to cook at home, then you’re in the right place.

What’s Garlic Delight?

Beyond the obvious (that there is a lot of garlic in our recipes), you’ll find Garlic Delight recipes are inspired by Chinese, French, and a bit of Kiwi cuisine because of my background.

But we’re more than recipes. We want to dive into the “why” behind cooking and focus on techniques because they’re the heart of a recipe. Learning a cooking technique means you can cook any recipe and tweak it to your taste buds.

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Why Garlic: I love garlic because it’s like cooking with a superpower. How can you magically make anything you cook taste amazing with little effort? Garlic is the answer.

Why Delight: The act of eating should be delightful. I want our stories and recipes to bring a smile to your face. Most importantly, I want you to feel delighted at your cooking skills and be part of your journey.

Why Light: The “light” in “delight” means healthy and simple foods that brightening up cooking. Cooking doesn’t have to be a scary chore. It can be as fun and light as eating popcorn and cotton candy.

Does this sound like you?

When I talk to my friends, they echo the same struggle: we can’t find the time, energy, or motivation to cook.

Do these feelings sound familiar to you? 

  • “When I get home after work, I’m usually too tired to cook. Plus, I need to take Emma out for a walk.” 
  • “I hate spending brainpower on finding recipes that are both healthy and easy/quick to make. Meal prep and having to decide on dinners during high-stress times is the first thing I’d outsource if I had the money to do so.”
  • “I’m tired of articles telling me to only eat beans and super cheap ingredients. For me, the best way to cut food cost is actually to eat out less often.”
  • “I don’t want to be a stick. I just want to lose 10 pounds to feel more confident. And I want to cut down my take-out and food delivery habit.” 
  • “I know I should cook more but I don’t keep a lot of vegetables in the fridge because they usually rot and then I have to throw them out.”
  • “I’ve been resorting to simple dishes like sandwiches, pasta, and salad. I’d like to reduce my reliance on pasta and bread. It’s really easy to make but I know I should probably eat less refined carbs.”
  • “I know how to cook. But I need ideas. How do I know what flavors go well together? Most importantly, I would like to make meals that will keep for 3 days.”
cartoon illustration that says "we can do it" with two metal cans
We can do it together! Lose weight, save money, live healthy!

You’re not alone. Welcome home.

If those descriptions above resonated with you, then you’ve found kindred spirits at Garlic Delight.

We believe:

  • Time is the most precious resource we have in our lives.
  • Eating well and healthfully is critical to being your best self.
  • Four hour-long America’s Test Kitchen recipes are best saved for weekend dinner parties.
  • Healthy, easy, quick-to-make, and delicious are not mutually exclusive.
  • Traditional meal prepping and batch cooking advice typically leads to overwhelm and giving up. There’s got to be a better way. Preferably with humor.
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We’re going to have fun together!

Follow along with us on our journey to eat healthy, feel our best, and get sh*t done! Check out our 1-2-3 Step approach or learn from my From Panic to Bliss meal planning system.

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