How to navigate Garlic Delight to make your life easier

A quick guide navigating around Garlic Delight, including how to use the mobile menu, table of contents, change serving sizes, & convert from cups to grams.

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Working in the software industry, I have experienced the harms of bad coding examples and poorly written documentation. It can make a hard problem feel almost impossible to solve because the writer led you astray.

I put a lot of time into tinkering with Garlic Delight to make it user-friendly to save your time. Now, I’m not perfect and neither is this site. So if you have feedback on how to improve it, please email me at

Tips on how to navigate Garlic Delight

Here are tips for navigating this site — on mobile and desktop — and the most common questions I get.

Use the mobile navigation

If you’re on mobile, which is 80% of Garlic Delighters, there’s a menu bar that expands to give you search and navigation options.

Annotated image of how to use the mobile menu navigation
Open the mobile navigation menu for search and navigation options

Jump to the recipe on mobile & desktop

I know a lot of readers come just for recipes and don’t want to read the tips for success. Jump straight to the recipe or print it out using the “jump to” links.

Annotated image of how to use the jump to recipe buttons
Use the jump to links for quick access to the recipe

Use the table of contents on mobile & desktop

My articles can be long, especially on mobile. Expand the collapsed table of contents on mobile to jump to different sections in the article that answer your question.

Use the mobile table of contents to jump to different parts of articles and recipes.

On desktop, the table of contents is open by default.

Annotated image of how to navigate an article or a recipe on the desktop view of Garlic Delight

When you scroll to the middle of an article or recipe, the table of contents will collapse to the menu icon. Open the menu to quickly jump to a different section of the article or recipe.

Sometimes the menu icon will be faded to avoid blocking your view of the text and images. Look for the faded menu icon to open the table of contents. You can also go to the first heading to jump to the top of the page.

Annotated image of how to navigate an article or a recipe on Garlic Delight
Open the collapsed table of contents menu to navigate to anywhere on the page.

The desktop version also has a collapsed table of contents menu but it is anchored to the left side of the page and will not be faded.

Take advantage of the recipe card on mobile & desktop

The recipe card has many features to help you while you’re shopping for food and cooking in the kitchen.

First, you can print out or pin the recipe to save it for later.

Annotated image of how to rate a recipe on Garlic Delight

Next, you can modify the number of servings so you can scale up or down the recipe. It’s best to scale up the recipe, especially for recipes designed for batch cooking. Typically, I will include tips in the recipe post for advice on how to scale up or down the recipe and how to prepare extras for freezing.

Hit the checkbox to check off ingredients. You can use this feature in the grocery store when you are double checking you have all the ingredients required for a recipe. Or you can check off ingredients as you finish prepping them before cooking a recipe.

Annotated image of how to adjust servings and check off ingredients in a recipe on Garlic Delight

Follow links to learn more about equipment, ingredients, and techniques.

Use the Metric button to switch from the US measurements of cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons to the metric system of grams and liters.

Annotated image of how to use the convert to metric button

If you tried the recipe and want to leave a review, a comment, or a tip for the Garlic Delight community, please post a comment. Remember to hit the button POST.

Please share your favorite Garlic Delight articles and recipes with friends and family by clicking one of the buttons to share on social media or email the article links.

Annotated image of how to leave a review and comment on Garlic Delight

Report bugs

If you find any bugs — of the software or lady bird kind — send me an email with a link or screenshots. Even if you find a typo, I want to know. I would like to fix them to make sure you have the best user experience that I can provide.

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