From Panic To Bliss: The Meal Plan System That Saved Us A Lot Of Time By Not Ordering Takeout Meals

Are you a busy person who lacks time to cook? Do you wish you ordered less food delivery or takeout dinner? When you try to batch cook, do you panic and give up?

As high-achieving, young professionals, we all find it challenging to prepare healthy food on top of daily responsibilities like work, hobbies, and relationships.

It’s not just the time required to cook.

It’s the mental energy of deciding what to eat, which grocery store to go to, and how to feel inspired to cook. These are major sources of stress around food.

We want to help.

Introducing the Garlic Delight Meal Plan System

Alex and I believe that well-constructed meal systems could be the solution. That means an ingredients-first approach rather than dogmatically following recipes. It means cooking once and eating three times with variations to avoid boredom.

We encapsulated our Meal Plan System into this guide that walks you through the process of planning your meals.

Save time by setting aside 15 minutes to an hour on the weekend to plan the meals for the week ahead.

Image collage showing 3 preview pages including cover page from the Garlic Delight Meal Plan System 11-page guide

What’s inside?

The Meal Plan System has 4 parts:

  1. Food Inventory
  2. Dinner Inspiration
  3. Weekly Meal Plan
  4. Shopping List
Image collage showing 4 preview pages from inside the Garlic Delight Meal Plan System 11-page ebook
This preview shows you what you’ll get in the Garlic Delight Meal Plan System

How’s this different from other meal planners on the Internet?

Most meal planner templates on the Internet focus giving you a pretty table with days of the week and meal times. They lack guidance and tools to encourage you to actually plan your meals.

Honestly, you can make the charts and tables in Excel yourself. What the Garlic Delight Meal Plan System leverages are the tips, mindset changes, and planning advice that are missing from most meal plan templates.

How to use the Garlic Delight Meal Plan System

You’ll receive a digital workbook that you can print out and fill in.

Stick the weekly meal plan page somewhere you can see easily every day. Take a photo of the meal plan page and make it your phone background image.

You can even laminate the template pages, so that you can reuse the templates every week.

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