Advice For First-Timers at Food Blogging Conferences

Title image with water color illustration that says "Advice For Food Blogging Conference First-Timers"

Next week, I’m visiting Salt Lake City for the first time to attend the Everything Food Conference (EFC). I’m looking forward to rubbing elbows with fellow food fanatics and learning a thing or two about how to add more value for my dear readers. I asked for advice about what a first-timer to a food … Read more

Shenzhen Floating Seafood Restaurant

Shenzhen seafood restaurant garlic chili mantis shrimp

One of my favorite things to do in China is to point out buildings and businesses that are not ADA compliant. It so happens that one of these establishments turned out to be one of my favorite restaurants during my trip to China. Related: Check out another post about our trip to China – How … Read more