Thanks a melon

Thanks a melon illustration with a watermelon slide

Spring is around the corner. Asparagus is showing up at farmers markets. It’s only a few more months before the raspberries and blueberries will be plump and ripe. In the meantime, there’s plenty of watermelon radishes to enjoy. Who are you grateful for? Share this with someone who made your day.  

Thanks a bunch

Thanks a bunch with an illustration of bananas

Thanks for the rain! We desperately need it in California.  P.S. I plan on wrapping myself in a blanket with bananas, peanut butter, and Nutella this weekend to tide me over until the cold weather passes. While I’m at it, maybe some zucchini noodles with shrimp will keep me warm.

Thank You Berry Much

Thank You Berry Much. Illustration from

Share this greeting with someone who has made a difference in your life today.  P.S. Freshly whipped cream on top of crushed strawberries with a touch of lemon juice and honey is divine.