Thanks A Bunch

Thanks a bunch with illustration of a bunch of bananas (food pun). Illustration from

What happens when you wake up in the morning and on a whim decide to check whether your information was compromised during the Equifax data breach? Warning: Rant ahead.  If you’re here for recipes and food stories, skip this post. Panic Thanks To Equifax It sets off a flurry of paperwork, including pulling our credit reports and freaking … Read more

Love You, Pho Real

Love You Pho Real. Illustration from

It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s hard to muster up the motivation to cook. Why not sit down to a steaming bowl of pho at the closest, hole-in-the-wall pho joint? We’ve got one, Pho Little Saigon, around the corner. Action To Take Send this card to someone you love today to wish them a happy Friday … Read more

Portuguese Dessert: Pastéis De Nata

Egg Tart compared to pastéis de nata. Illustration from

Alex and I are planning to travel to Portugal at the end of January for work. A great way to get prepared for the trip is to learn about Portuguese cuisine since it’s a mystery to me what Portuguese people eat. Colonial Influences As I look into Portuguese cuisines, I remember that the Portuguese had a … Read more

Mmm, Garlic: We’ve got sprouts

Mmm Garlic. Inspiration from

Amid the stressful flurry of Christmas preparations, a peek of green cheered me up greatly today. You would have missed it if you hadn’t looked carefully. The pots of garlic all looked the same, damp soil with tubing sitting quietly on top. Upon closer inspection, Alex spotted that the Lotus garlic was sprouting!! This turban … Read more