Extra Umami Beef Broth In Instant Pot

Beef Broth in 3 little mason jars close up with mushrooms and garlic nearby and carrots and celery in the background.

’Tis the season for rich, heart-warming soups. There’s no better way to start than with homemade beef broth. It’s so EASY because you assemble the ingredients, set it, and forget it. Try our recipe Chas’ French Onion Soup using the homemade beef broth from this recipe. Why It Works Stock bones The magic to hearty beef broth … Read more

Chas’ French Onion Soup

Chas' French Onion Soup // recipe from garlicdelight.com

Fight the cold weather with this hearty soup! While French Onion Soup might not be the fastest recipe to make, this is an easy, foolproof recipe that you will LOVE. We made it from scratch, including the beef broth, using our Extra Umami Beef Broth recipe. But you could easily buy some cartons of pre-made beef broth … Read more