Home cooking for overwhelmed parents feeding little ones

Used to love ​​cooking and now it feels like a chore? Stop dreading meal prep, indecision, and the daily grind of feeding your family. Whether you’re working in or out of the home, cooking can be simple and fun. Let’s find joy together at the dining table. Stress less, Eat better →

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What’s cooking?

What I’m testing this week with my 18-month toddler (when we’re not remodeling our 1980s kitchen)

I need dinner NOW: Emergency recipes

Hangry kids and no plan? Quick & simple 5-20 minute dishes to get dinner on the table now.

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Cook once, eat thrice

My favorite recipes for scaling up. Make dinner one night and eat at least twice more with new mix-ins and toppings for variety.

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Welcome 👶🥕

I’m Anna, I help overwhelmed parents feed their young kids. Parenting is hard enough. Let’s make cooking easier!

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How I’m overcoming decision fatigue and banishing overwhelm

Parenting carries a lot of emotional baggage. The more I work on my mindset, the more I can parent calmly and get dinner going without panic. Follow my journey on how I’m learning to enjoy parenthood and how you can too.