New Year’s Day Excitement: Cleaning, Stacking, Purging

New Years Excitement - Cleaning, Stacking, Purging illustration. Illustration from

What’s the most exciting thing to be doing on New Year’s Day? Cleaning up our kitchen and garage to prepare for 2018.  You see, it has been a headache to find the right pots and pans while cooking. We’ve also got so much clutter that our best stuff is hidden under junk. What did I rediscover today … Read more

Lattice Pie Success: 3 Tips

Lattice Cherry Pie on cream background. Illustration from

Yesterday, I made a cherry pie for my friend’s dinner party. This is the first time that I made a lattice cover for a pie. It worked beautifully, and it was surprisingly easy.   I have to thank Stella Parks for her article, Decorative Crust 101, on Serious Eats that walked through step-by-step how to construct a … Read more

Why We Joined A Meat CSA

Roasted Chicken on roasting rack. Stories from

On our trips to Los Angeles to visit Alex’s parents, we drive down the I-5 corridor. There’s always a stench near Coalinga. The smell used to not bother me much. When the smell approached from afar, I would quickly push the circulate air button and wrinkle my nose for 5 minutes. In the past year, … Read more

How to Plant Garlic In Pots

Alex's hands breaking garlic cloves apart

Three weeks ago, a brown paper bag sat on my desk, quietly waiting for me to open it. I was both excited and dreaded opening the bag. You see, I knew that opening that bag meant I would be opening Pandora’s box. “What if it’s a lot of work?” “What if I ruin it?” “What … Read more

Why Start A Community Garden

Overhead shot of our community garden plot with herbs, cauliflower, and lettuces. Stories from

Alex and I spent more than $300 dollars on broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, and other vegetables in the last 6 months, and we’ve yet to taste a bite.

No, we didn’t throw the food out.
Instead, this food is baby food. Not the mushy food you feed to a baby. I mean baby plants, seedlings, waiting to grow up into tall, beautiful bouquets of lettuces and cilantro.

Yep folks, we started a community garden.

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