How to Efficiently Open a Pomegranate Without Crushing The Seeds

For busy people who love eating pomegranates, here are 3 tips to help you extract pomegranate seeds (arils) efficiently without crushing the fruit or forever.

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Here’s a short video on my technique for opening a pomegranate. These tips are gleaned from years of trials and error, learning from bad habits like crushing the arils (seeds), and staining the carpet.

3 tips for busy people on how to extract seeds from your pomegranates

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Here are 3 tips you can use to quickly get the seeds out:

  1. Score the pomegranates: I like to cut off the ends and then score around the pomegranate 5-6 times to break it open.
  2. Throw it in water: I put the pomegranate segments into a giant bowl of water to extract the arils faster. The membrane floats to the top and becomes easy to scoop up with your hands and throw out.
  3. Knock the segments with a spoon: It helps loosen the seeds (arils). This tip doesn’t always work, especially with the juicier seeds. You might want to skip this step if you’re worried about crushing the arils. If that’s the case, pry the segments open your hands and gently shake to knock them loose.

If you have any useful tips for opening or enjoying pomegranates, share them in the comments.

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