Why We Joined A Meat CSA

Roasted Chicken on roasting rack. Stories from garlicdelight.com.

On our trips to Los Angeles to visit Alex’s parents, we drive down the I-5 corridor. There’s always a stench near Coalinga. The smell used to not bother me much. When the smell approached from afar, I would quickly push the circulate air button and wrinkle my nose for 5 minutes. In the past year, … Read more

How to Plant Garlic In Pots

Alex's hands breaking garlic cloves apart

Three weeks ago, a brown paper bag sat on my desk, quietly waiting for me to open it. I was both excited and dreaded opening the bag. You see, I knew that opening that bag meant I would be opening Pandora’s box. “What if it’s a lot of work?” “What if I ruin it?” “What … Read more

Why Start A Community Garden

Overhead shot of our community garden plot with herbs, cauliflower, and lettuces. Stories from garlicdelight.com.

Alex and I spent more than $300 dollars on broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, and other vegetables in the last 6 months, and we’ve yet to taste a bite.

No, we didn’t throw the food out.
Instead, this food is baby food. Not the mushy food you feed to a baby. I mean baby plants, seedlings, waiting to grow up into tall, beautiful bouquets of lettuces and cilantro.

Yep folks, we started a community garden.

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Which CSA Boxes Do I Choose And Why?

A look at our CSA box with many other goodies.

Arugula. I hate it. The bitter, peppery taste in salads offends me, and I detest the aftertaste. I feel like a cow chewing on grass every time I eat it. I’ll only tolerate it on very thin-crust pizzas with plenty of prosciutto to cover up the arugula. But even then, I prefer my pizzas and salads … Read more

What to do with your CSA box when you go on vacation?

Overhead shot of pumpkins with dried garlic and wood background

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go

I’ve been blasting Christmas carols all week. November might seem too early. Yet, with retailers already selling Christmas decorations, I think Christmas carols are fair game.

My rain-drenched shoes are another reminder that fall is coming to an end. Which means holiday seasons are around the corner!

Overhead shot of pumpkins with dried garlic and wood background. Stories from garlicdelight.com.
Festive pumpkins mark the beginning of the holiday seasons. What will you do with your CSA box when you’re on vacation?

With Thanksgiving as soon as next week, and Christmas following thereafter, I’ve given some thought to what will happen to my CSA boxes while I am out of town.

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