Grandma Jo’s Garlic Kohlrabi with Pancetta

Garlic Kohlrabi with Pancetta main image

This recipe comes from my Grandma Jo, by way of my Aunt Julie. My grandma enjoyed growing kohlrabi. It was a staple in her garden in Lima, Ohio. When harvested later, kohlrabi can have a tougher outer skin. So, we peel it to keep the brassica tender and tasty. It tastes like mild cauliflower. The garlic and … Read more

Garlic Cucumber Noodle Salad

Garlic cucumber noodle salad with lao gan ma chili sauce

Are you looking for a cold noodle dish, ideal for a hot summer’s day? Introducing…Garlic Cucumber Noodle Salad. This spicy, garlicky cold noodles dish is topped with cucumber and carrot to make a refreshing snack and side dish.

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