Brew Some Good: Do Something Good For Yourself

In Chinese tea ceremonies, it’s common to rinse tea before drinking. We pour boiling water on the dried tea leaves, swirl for a few seconds, and then discard this first pour.

While most common for oolong and pu’er tea, I enjoy rinsing almost all my tea leaves.

“Who has time for that?”

Yes, it is an extra step. But it’s worth it to see the leaves slowly unravel from dry tight buds into smooth, silky leaves. It cleanses away dirt and tea dust from the leaves.

My parents always say it “awakens” the tea and brings out the fragrance.

Sometimes, we all need a little something to awaken us during the day too. Particularly around this holiday season time when we’re stretched extra thin with end-of-year duties and last-minute shopping insanity.

Brew Some Good. Inspiration from

So, brew some good today.

Tiny Step For Today

Look after yourself with a nice hot cup of tea.

Enjoy the meditative experience of rinsing the tea leaves and taking some deep breaths while you watch the tea leaves unfurl.

Most importantly, take some time to do some good for yourself.

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