New Year’s Day Excitement: Cleaning, Stacking, Purging

What’s the most exciting thing to be doing on New Year’s Day?

Cleaning up our kitchen and garage to prepare for 2018. 

You see, it has been a headache to find the right pots and pans while cooking. We’ve also got so much clutter that our best stuff is hidden under junk.

What did I rediscover today under the rubble?

  • Magic Bullet blender that is perfect for smoothies
  • Placemats
  • Mini nonstick fry pans
  • My crêpe pan

So much good stuff. And some fortunate person will hopefully benefit from some of our stuff through Goodwill that we no longer use.

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It wasn’t easy purging.

First, it required a lot of cleaning to make room to put the stuff in the cupboards for evaluating whether they were keepers or not.

Then, there was consolidation and finding new homes for the stuff we did want to keep.

It felt like playing Tetris with non-geometric shapes. Saucepans stacked on top of fry pans, which are stacked on top of muffin tins, which in turn are stacked on top of baking sheets, like a leaning tower of kitchenware.

But finally, once we put away what we wanted, then came the purge. I toss everything that didn’t spark joy in me according to the KonMarie method. Into a big bag and box went our old fry pans, pizza pan, and old muffin tins, destined for Goodwill.

Ahhh, it felt good at the end of the day.

Interesting in cleaning and purging for the new year?

Tiny Step To Take

Get started by setting aside a Goodwill box. That was the first step I took about 2 weeks ago.

Yes, folks, I started purging two whole weeks ago by taking a tiny step of setting aside 1 box. I started putting things into the box that I picked up and decided, “Hurmph, why do I still have this? I don’t need it anymore.”

Then I set aside a day (New Year’s Day in my case when Alex and I were both off work). I knew we had the time to organize and purge for half the day.

No more than half the day.

It’s so tiring.

Don’t get ambitious and try to do it a whole day. I guarantee you won’t last.

Be kind to yourself.

Take many breaks. Be done around lunchtime. Because you will make a mess and you’ll be glad the afternoon is available to clear out your boxes and clean up before dinner time.

But just start with the tiny step for how. The rest will follow naturally once you start the tiny step.

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