Which Helps You Lose More Weight, Low-Fat Or Low-Carb Diet?

Which is better? Low-fat vs. low-carb diet? Stanford study weighs in.

I was at a party recently listening to an amusing squabble over low-carb and low-fat diets. Of course, the squabblers didn’t realize that’s what they were debating. Rather, the arguments sounded like the passive-aggressive quips I fondly remember during the political tip-toeing around the Thanksgiving table circa November 2016 after the elections. Whispers of Doesn’t … Read more

The Tale of Two Eaters

Aye and Bee illustration contrasting the two characters in food planning, cooking, and grocery shopping approaches.

Let’s begin with story time where we meet two characters: Aye and Bee. Meet Aye Aye loves shopping at grocery stores. Walking from aisle to aisle, she derives pleasure from finding new treasures. A new brand of soy milk is on sale. There’s a blend of nut butters she’s never seen. Hey, that new bean-to-bar … Read more

Why We Stopped Weekly Batch Cooking

Batch Cooking: Alex in front of a giant slab of beef brisket. Stories from garlicdelight.com.

Have you ever gotten food poisoning or a stomach bug so bad you had to get an IV? I found myself in this situation for the first and only time two years ago. What happened? In 2016, we became avid batch cookers. It began with our Costco membership. Whoa, 6 pounds of pork for $19. … Read more