Could You Be Sabotaging Yourself By Eating Food Labeled “Healthy”?

Food labeling carrots showing two different names

Does seeing twisted garlic-ginger butternut squash on the menu make your mouth water?

What about slow-roasted caramelized zucchini bites?

Or are you more likely to leap at the chance to try butternut squash with no added sugar?

What about nutritious green zucchini?

The question is, do these names affect how likely we are to try the vegetables?  

In case you haven’t caught on, these are the same two dishes — sweet potatoes and zucchini — fancified with pretty names to get the “foodies” going or to put a healthy spin on the vegetable dish.

Food labeling carrots showing two different names

Let’s take a step back and first ask: how did researchers come to ask this question?

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