Exotic Mushrooms You’ve Never Seen (Video)

It’s no secret that Alex started a new hobby growing mushrooms.

His hobby led us to discover exotic mushrooms that we’ve never seen before at the 2018 Fungi Fair in Santa Cruz.

Have you ever tried any of these mushrooms before?

Leave us a comment to tell us which mushroom was your favorite.

Anna looking down chopping vegetables
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Hi! I'm Anna, a food writer who documents kitchen experiments on GarlicDelight.com with the help of my physicist and taste-testing husband, Alex. I have an insatiable appetite for noodles 🍜 and believe in "improv cooking".

2 thoughts on “Exotic Mushrooms You’ve Never Seen (Video)”

  1. Thanks for the great video about the fungi fest. I went to a fest at the Oakland Museum many years ago and loved it. Not sure why I stopped going after it moved… Maybe next year.

    On my blog, I wrote about the maple aroma/flavor found in Lactarius species mushrooms a while ago (the main chemical seems to be sotolon, which is synthesized to make artificial maple flavoring). I also included a short round-up of restaurants that were serving candy cap-infused desserts in the Bay Area. I don’t know if any of the restaurants are still serving them. However, the candy cap cheesecake is still made by the CheeseQuakes company, which has an outlet in the Ferry Building and sells at various outlets in the City, Peninsula and East Bay. I need to try it!

    Link: https://slicesofbluesky.com/maple-and-mushrooms/

    • Thanks for your comment Marc!
      I’ve never been to the Oakland museum. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

      How do you learn about these different chemicals in the mushrooms? That’s a very interesting fact about the artificial maple flavoring.

      This weekend, we might check out the farmers market again and try to buy some candy cap mushrooms. I’ll talk to the Far West Fungi folks and see if they’re willing to share their candy cap ice cream recipe with us. 😀


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