Homemade Garlic Pizza Sauce

Garlic Pizza Sauce with basil sprig to garnish and two slices of pizza on white plates on top of white napkins in background. Recipe from garlicdelight.com.

Piping hot garlic pizza straight out of the oven is so much better when enjoyed with homemade garlic pizza sauce. Get ready to make a lot of this garlic pizza sauce recipe. You’ll be able to enjoy it for days on pizza and pasta. Why It Works Slowly simmering this garlic pizza sauce until most … Read more

Delicata Squash with Garlic Butter

Close up view of delicata squash with garlic butter on white plate with squash ends as garnish. Recipe from garlicdelight.com

Let’s pair creamy and tender delicata squash with fragrant garlic butter. This rustic side dish is a wonderful Fall recipe that highlights seasonal flavors. Thanks to our CSA farmers for providing us with this delicious delicata squash.

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How to Make Spicy Mayo Coleslaw

Medium close up shot of spicy coleslaw on white plates with shallow depth of focus. Recipe from garlicdelight.com.

Spicy mayo coleslaw is so easy to make. And it’s delicious. Elevate the traditional coleslaw recipe by adding a little kick to it thanks to spicy mayo. You can also skip the coleslaw dressing and use the spicy mayo directly on your homemade poke bowls and hamburgers. Why it works Coleslaw is always delicious, especially … Read more

How to go from panic to bliss at meal times

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